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Chemistry/ Biology 2 Assignments

Chemistry/ Biology 2

Class code: C693DQ3J



V. = Video

A. = Article 

E. = Exercise

April 6th – 9th p​

Unit: Chemical reactions 

Section 1: Balancing Chemical equations

  • V. Chemical reactions introduction
  • V. Balancing chemical equations
  • V. Balancing more complex chemical equations
  • V. Visually understanding balancing chemical equations
  • V. Balancing another combustion reaction
  • V. Balancing chemical equation with substitution
  • E. Balancing chemical equations 1


Section 2: Types of chemical reactions

  • V. Introduction to redox reactions
  • A. Oxidation number 
  • A. Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions
  • V. Dissolution and precipitation 
  • V. Precipitation reactions
  • A. Double replacement reactions
  • A. Single replacement reactions
  • A. Complete ionic and net ionic equations
  • V. Complete ionic and net ionic equations

April 13th – 16th 

Unit: Human Body Systems 

Section 1: Body structure and homeostasis

  • V. Homeostasis
  • A. Homeostasis
  • A. Tissues, Organs, & Organ Systems
  • A. Body structure and homeostasis review
  • E. Body structure and homeostasis


Section 2: The circulatory and respiratory systems 

  • V. Meet the heart!
  • V. Circulatory system and the heart
  • A. The circulatory system review
  • V. Meet the lungs
  • V. The lungs and pulmonary system
  • A. The respiratory system review
  • E. The circulatory and respiratory systems

April 20th – 23rd 

Section 3: The musculoskeletal system

  • V. Skeletal structure and function
  • V. Cartilage
  • V. Ligaments, tendon, and joints 
  • V. Three types of muscle
  • V. Anatomy of a skeletal muscle cell 
  • V. LeBron Asks: What muscles do we use when shooting a basket? 
  • A. The musculoskeletal system review
  • E. The musculoskeletal system 


Section 4: The digestive and excretory systems

  • V. Meet the gastrointestinal tract!
  • V. Kidney function and anatomy
  • V. Urination
  • A. the digestive and excretory systems review
  • E. The digestive and excretory systems

April 27th – 30th 

Section 5: The nervous and endocrine systems

  • V. Structure of the nervous system
  • V. Anatomy of a neuron 
  • V. Intro to the endocrine system 
  • A. The nervous and endocrine systems review
  • E. The nervous and endocrine systems. 


Section 6: The reproductive systems 

  • V. Welcome to the reproductive system 
  • V. egg, sperm, and fertilization
  • A. The reproductive system review
  • E. The reproductive system

May 4th – 7th 

Section 7: The Immune system 

  • V. Types of immune responses: Innate and adaptive, humoral vs. cell-mediated 
  • V. Role of phagocytes in innate or nonspecific immunity
  • V. Self vs. non-self immunity
  • A. Intro to viruses (too soon??) 
  • V. Viral replication: lytic vs lysogenic 
  • A. The immune system review
  • E. The immune system 


Unit test 

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