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Oklahoma History Assignments

Oklahoma History 2020

Google Classroom Code: dbgcf5m

***all assignments can be turned in through google classroom, by texting a picture of your written work to me, or emailing it to me*** 


April 6th – 9th 

Assignment #1: Tulsa Race Riot

Read the link above on the Tulsa Race Riot.  
Answer the following questions. 
a. How do you think the events in Greenwood still have a lasting impact on Oklahoman's today? 
b. Besides the rumors of what happened to Sarah, what else may have contributed to the
c. What do you think would have happened if the technologies of today were present
during this time? (television, social media, etc.

***For extra credit, find another article or video that discusses the Tulsa Race Riots. 


April 13th – 16th 

Assignment #2: Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995

The bombing in Oklahoma City was the worst act of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States.

Use the link above to answer the question:

There are many everyday people who helped solve the crime of the Oklahoma City bombing. Choose one of the following people involved in the investigation and write a paragraph explaining why this person’s role was so vital in catching the perpetrators.
- Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Charlie Hanger
- The investigator who found the axle from the Ryder truck
- Employees at Elliot’s Body Shop who provided descriptions of “Robert Kling” and the man with him
- The police sketch artist
- The owner of the Dreamland Motel, who recognized John Doe #1
- Terry Nichols’ ex-wife

***For extra credit, find another article or video that discusses the bombing


April 20th – 23rd 

Assignment #3: COVID-19 and Oklahoma 

Discuss Oklahoma's governmental and community response to COVID-19 and evaluate the effectiveness compared to other states or countries. Be sure to cite any outside sources used to find this information.


April 27th – 30th 

Assignment #4: Interview (while social distancing) 

Interview an older family member or neighbor about their memories of the OKC Federal Building bombing, the 1999 or the 2013 tornadoes. Create at least 5 interview questions and write the interviewee's responses to those questions.


May 4th – 7th 

Assignment #5: Famous Oklahoman 

Research one famous person from Oklahoma. Believe it or not the list of famous people from Oklahoma is actually very long. After selecting a person, write 2 paragraphs about this person. The first paragraph should talk about their early life (when they were young) and the second should discuss how and/or why they have become famous including their accomplishments.

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