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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Here is week one assignments for our distance learning. Please feel free to contact me via email or through our facebook page I have created. The facebook page’s group name is Ms.Weigand’s Biology and Anatomy/Physiology class. I will try and get back with you as soon as possible for questions regarding the assignments and distance learning. I have set aside Monday-Thursday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm for questions. Also, to submit assignments, simply have your parents check off the assignments on the list when they are completed and send me a screen shot to my email or our facebook group. 


Biology students- I am providing you with a link to this week’s assignments (starting April 6th) as well as the book. 

April 6-9 assignments

Anatomy/Physiology- I am providing you a link to this week’s assignments as well as the Urinary System doodle notes and power point. 

Anatomy/Physiology April 6-9 Assignments 

Urinary system power points and doodle notes 



April 13-16 assignments 

Chapter 13 power point 


April 13-16 assignments 

Urinary System Review 1 

Urinary System Review 2 and 3

Urinary Test 


April 20-23 assignments 

Biology vidoes for Monday and Tuesday assignments

Chapter 14 textbook make sure you scroll down and find miller and levine chapter 14 textbook 


make sure you look through the power point to locate answers.

April 20-23 Immune System Assignments

Immune Response PPT

Biology – use the chapter 14 textbook link for this weeks assignments 

April 27-30 assignments 

Anatomy/Physiology – use the immune response ppt link to acces the lymphatic system powerpoint

April 27-30 Assignments 


Chapter 15 textbook 

May 4-7 Assignments 


 the Nervous System 

May 4-7 Assignments 

Anatomy/Physiology Week 5


Search multiple sclerosis and write about a cast study. Write at least one page.


Nervous system

Define the function and major organs of the nervous system


What are two types of nerve cells?

Draw a neuron and label and color each structure


Read each slide of the nervous system power point.

Draw the cerebrum and label each lobe: Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital.

Define each function of the 4 lobes.