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Brandon Turley

Week #2 – Hope everyone is doing well and has everything they need. If you or your family need ANYTHING, let me know. 

Assignments – and it will be this way going foward until the end of school. Essay #2 this week, subject is still you choice and five paragraphs long. 

We will simply go forward doing these until school is out. 

God bless. 

Coach Turley


Coach Turley’s Writing Class. 

Going foward:

At this time, all grades are FROZEN. 

Assignments: We will focus on combining our Essays/Journal Articles with subject material focused on what you choose. Since grades are frozen – you may still RAISE your grade if you so choose. 

Reminders: All Journal Articles are four paragraphs consisting of:

Introduction: 6 to 8 sentences consisting of your Opener (quote, rhetorical question, etc.), General Background Information, 3 Main Points, and your Thesis Statement. 

Body of your Journal Article: 3 Paragraphs each focused on your 3 main points – 6 to 8 sentences per paragraph. 

Closing Paragrah: Only 4 to 5 sentences focusing on review of your Thesis, 3 Main Points, and your Super So What. 

So how do we turn assignments in? 

We’re going to do this a couple of different ways – 

One – your can still write your essays out on paper (in cursive of course) and take a picture which can then be emailed as an attachement.

Two – using a program such as Microsoft Word or even an app such as the Notepad App on your phone can be utilized as well. Simply email the finished document. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me with any questions. 

Coach Turley


Brandon Turley

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