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 Hope you are safe and well!! I sure miss you!!

1st hr and 5th hr- April 6-9,2020. Look up The Giver audiobook on the internet (our book has the old man on the cover), listen to  Chapters 6-11. They are not very long. Write 5 questions about any of these chapters.(Just 5 total. Not five from each chapter) See if you can answer them.  Give me the answers after each question. I’ve attached the chapters at the bottom. Text or email them to me. 918 650 8462.

2nd hr. April 6-9,2020. You will have assignments on USA Test Prep. Only do 2 for this week.

7th Hour April 6-9,2020. Find three objects around your house and describe each object in detail. Don’t tell me what the object is until you are finished with the description. I want to see if I can guess what it is.. Send me the details  in text, email. or take a picture. Its like the popcorn describing game that we play. See if someone in your house can figure out your object by listening to your description. 918-650-8462.

Week 2 My email address and phone number are up above.

1st and 5th hr: April 13-16. Look up the Giver audiobook and listen to Chapters 12-14. I’ve attached questions for you to do. 2 the giver worksheet. giver 12-14       This link is the chapters.

You can text me or email me the answers.

2nd Hr. April 13-16. Do attached worksheets. Use a calculator. Text or email your answers.

7th Hr. April 13-16. Find a rock. Decorate it with what you have around the house. Paint, nail polish, markers etc. Don’t go buy anything. Be creative. Send me a pic. Save your rock for next weeks lesson.

Week 3 April 20-24, 2020 Hope you are all well!!!

1st and 5th hr: Listen to Chapters 15-17 of The Giver audiobook. Answer five of the attached questions. giver 15-17 3 the giver worksheet

2nd hr- Do Test Prep. There are 2 assignments for this week. Remember, I like for you to have at least a 60%.

7th hr- Last week you were suppose to decorate a rock. This week I want you to write a paragraph telling me about your rock. Ex. It’s name, how old it is, where it lives, what it likes or doesn’t like. Have fun and be creative!

 Next week we will continue with the second paragraph so, keep this one.

Week 4 April 27-May 1.

You can email or text me your assignments.

1st and 5th hr Listen to the audiobook  The Giver Chapters 18-20. For your assignment write me one paragraph telling me whether you like or dislike this book and why you like or dislike it. giver 18-20

2nd hr. Do USA Test Prep. You have one assignment this week. Remember you can do it as many times as you want.

7th Hr. Continue your paragraph from last week. Tell me from your pet rocks point of view how he/she feels about the Coronavirius. I need at least one paragraph this week. Keep it and we will use it again next week.


1st and 5th Hour: Listen to the audiobook The Giver Chapters 21-23. For your assignment write me a paragraph about your favorite part of the book. giver 21-23

2nd hour: Do the attached work sheets.

7th Hour: Continue with your story about your rock. Is your rock ready for Summer?





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