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We will be using Google Classroom. You will need to write in your journals everday school day. You will find them attached to your Google class page in resources.

Class Codes for Google Classroom: Look on school webpage if you need help with your login.

1st Hr: 7th grade Eng. Code:  vgzcml2       8th grade Eng. Code: w4gap5b    Eng. I Code:  ll3q7bx      Eng. III Code: 6mljrik    English II Code: ltbxkwl

2nd Hr. Geometry Code: exntubl        6th grade math Code: t7c22e5     

6th Hr. Algebra I Code: gruabht       7th grade math Code: waozqk4

7th Hr. English III Code: 3xlawfs   6th English Code: usqexve

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