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Tim Fowler

Let’s get off to a good start!

Welcome to my classes at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. All of us, students, teachers, administrators, etc., will be experiencing Distance-teaching. To help the students of my class, here are a few Distance learning rules to shw my expectations for you as students.

Algebra II – 1st hour classroom code:6qm65uz

Algebra I – 3rd hour classroom code:ua33aw2

8th grade Math – 4th hour classroom code:jzsl6tc

8th grade Math – 5th hour classroom code:eg2ujdw

Algebra I (MS) – 6th hour classroom code:lf47n4i

Agebra I (HS)—6th hour:gdppnws

Algebra II – 7th hour classroom code:umlchmz

Mr. Fowler’s Classroom Rules for Distance-Learning  

  1. Be on time by allowing yourself time to get up and get ready for class.
  2. Make sure your tablet, laptop computer, or table top computer are charged and rready to go.
  3. Eat a good breakfast, but do not bring it to the classroom. Remember this is school.
  4. Be dressed appropriately(no pajamas, shirts with holes, etc.). Again, remember this is school.
  5. Are you able to be seen and heard on your device? Check ahead of time if possible.
  6. Find a quiet sopot that will have little activity going on during class time. The fewer distractions, the better opportunity to learn.
  7. Mute your device. This cuts down on extra noise for the teacher and your class mates.
  8. If you have headphones, please wear them because this make it easier for you to hear. It will also cut down on noise for the others in your home.
  9. I you have something important to say pertaining to what is being presented in the lesson, use the CHAT button to typpe: ? = I have a question or ! I have something to say. Please do not make your comments frequent because this can be disruptive.
  10. Participate in the following manner: BE FOCUSED, BE ATTENTIVE, BE KIND, And BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT.                                                                                                                                                        By following these rules we can expect a good outcome for your class.         

Tim Fowler

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