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Welcome Back!!!

As the whole school class schedule bevcomes more solid I will begin listing my class schedule so that we can begin making plans.

Just know that during the 1st 9 weeks ALL students are doing distance learning.  Some students will be choosing to do all of their lessons this way all year.  Others wil be doing a blended model once we begin returning students to the campus while others will choose to be in the classrooms all day long once we return students to campus.

This creates a very intersting challenge to all of the teachers, not just at Dewar but to the vast majority of teachers around the country.  I am currently looking at some different ideas that wil allow the band to stay active and playing music no matter what scenario develops.  We will likely have lessons each week that cover some music theory in written form.

I say all of this to get to the main point.  We WILL use Google Classroom in ALL of my classes this year. 

I’m hoping that Band students will use FLIP GRID for turning in short, and longer, playing tests because it is supposed to integrate with Google Classroom seamlessly and allos me to choose the length of the playing assignment.  However, early trials have not been kind and it may become something we test after we get things running more smoothly.

If you need to contact me for any reason, my cell number is  918-490-3314.  My email address is



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