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Mary Sue Yocham

Welcome to my online classroom, Parents, and Students!


Hello to all of you, I miss all of you at this time and I hope you are well! my office hours will be from 11 am to 12 am Monday thru Friday.


4th-hour class Code is VSQWK7

5th-hour class Code is LH2XBU

6th-hour class Code IS WMX3N


for Periods 4 thru 6 your assignments will be on read works.,Continue work on completing the 3 read works assigned,due the 24th

7th-hour class Code is ZYNHBB  please complete paragraph so it can be graded and recorded. This week write two sentences each day telling something new you have learned aabout your family, or somethng funny that has happened.

This week your assignment is!  Keep a journal with two or three sentences every day of your feelings about what is going on in your day, and on Friday compose the sentences into a paragraph. take a picture of your work and send it into me.

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